RIDEART provides a professional vehicle brokerage and consignment service for all types of classic vehicles. If you have a classic vehicle that you are looking to sell or purchase then we can help you realise the full sale /purchase and get the right price that you are looking for. Our sales team have a wide experience in selling /purchasing classic vehicles and we can find the perfect solution. We have a good understanding of how the classic vehicle market is. We are able to advise on individual vehicle valuations within a collection or whole collections. We undertake this work in the most complete discretion ensuring that client confidentiality is maintained throughout the procedure and that the valuation is an accurate reflection of the current market position. Our goal is to save time,energy, and money for our customers by properly vehicle management getting maximum return on investment.

How It Works

Selling/buying a classic vehicle through brokerage is one of the best options available for ensuring that you achieve the full value you are looking for. After consigning your classic vehicle, we work through our contact database to ensure that you achieve the full value of your classic vehicle.

Selling/buying a classic vehicle works in different way, as the value of the vehicle will be higher and it will be demanded for a smaller audience. RIDEART brokerage can help you with this. Our passion and knowledge about the market for classic vehicles help you to achieve the perfect sale you are looking for.


RIDEART negotiates the sale of vehicles in accordance with agreed and documented strategy with the owner/owners. Working with lawyers/advisers to ensure sale contract terms are appropriate. Collaborating with specialists, brokers, auction houses and other collectors, to ensure that the vehicle is marketed in the most suitable jurisdiction for the right audience. Liaising with specialists for certification of vehicles, attending agreed specialist events and exhibitions, to ensure vehicles are campaigned at appropriate venues, attending and overseeing vehicles at appropriate concours and exhibitions events to enhance value profile and arranging national and international transportation.


RIDEART negotiates the purchase of vehicles, in accordance with agreed and documented strategy, either directly from other collectors or indirectly from brokers or auction houses. Working with advisers to ensure purchase contract terms are appropriate. Researching the history and ownership of vehicles in collaboration with experts andworking with specialists to locate specific vehicles, types of vehicles or collections and attending agreed events and exhibitions to have the proper coverage about the units available in the market.

Worldwide Transportation

RIDEART has affiliations with the finest professional, licensed and insured transportation companies. Our years of experience transporting vehicles locally and around the world has developed a perfect network of transporters providing on-time and cost-effective solutions. We manage the entire process-from pick up at your location or ours, to drop off at any destination.

Contact Us

If you want to know more about consignment and brokerage, or any of the other services we offer, make sure you get in contact with us today. After the contact and approach to manage the sale / purchase of the vehicle / vehicles, RIDEART will send a report with the details of the operation and the acceptance or rejection of the deal before start any process. If accepted, the process will begin within the term agreed in the contract